How to Identify a Fake Diamond?

In general, diamonds are expensive and you have to spend a considerable amount for buying them. There are many ways to find out whether the diamonds you buy are genuine and worth the price you pay. What if, you come to know that the diamonds you bought are not genuine? All the money you invested in buying them goes in vain. So, make sure that the diamonds are genuine and worth the money before you pay for it. Here are a few methods to ensure that the diamonds are genuine.

Ask for the Certificate: If you are buying diamonds in online, then the best way to ascertain that they are real is by checking out the GIA certificate. As this certificate is prepared by experts, you can trust that the diamonds you bought from them are genuine.

Newspaper and Dot Test: Draw a dot on a white sheet and place the diamond over it. If you can see the dot clearly through the stone, then it is probably cubic Zirconium, but not diamond. It is because diamonds have high refractive index and they disperse light, so you won’t be able to visit –   see the dot clearly. The same principle applies for the newspaper test. Just place the stone above any letter on the paper and see if you are able to read the letter through it.

Observe under Microscope: If you have a microscope, then observe the stone under it. Diamond is the strongest material on earth, and will not have scuffs and scratches. If your stone shows slight scratches and scuffs, it means that you did not buy a real diamond.

The Light Test: After you buy diamonds, check that they are real by using a pen light or torch-light. Focus light on the stone and if it is a real stone a halo should be created. If the light passes right through the stone, then it is not a real one.

Checkout the Reflections: Loose diamonds create gray-coloured reflections, while fake ones give you rainbow-coloured reflections.

X-ray the Stone: A real diamond doesn’t create any impressions when an x-ray is taken, while crystals and cubic Zirconium make impressions.

Check the Setting: Real diamonds are set on pure metals such as yellow gold, white gold, platinum etc. Moreover, natural diamonds feature an “open-back” setting as it enhances the brilliance of the precious stone.

The Fog Test: It’s a very easy test and you can do it anywhere. Just hold the diamond near your mouth and blow on it. Then keep it straight to your line of vision and see if there is any fog. Genuine diamonds won’t fog and remain clear.

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