Sleep Therapy – 10 Benefits of Ayurveda

By providing ways about diet and a person’s lifestyle, Ayurveda aims at retaining the health of the people and improving the health of the ailing. It also provides a harmonious existence among the three components that constitute a human being-mind, body and soul, it is believed that lifestyle and diet can make this possible. The following procedure on a chosen diet can have immeasurably benefit to the whole being of a person.

1. Lemon juice: Squeezing a half a lemon in a cup of hot water and taking it before breakfast is vastly beneficial to your healthy. Benefits accrued from taking lemon juice include improving digestion, fights bacteria, boosts appetite and cleans ones’ digestive tract.

2. Having all your senses with you during meals time: It’s often the case that eating has become a mechanical process which simply involves shovelling food into your mouth without tasting or even smelling it. Attune all your five senses to the meal you are taking from smelling the sweet aroma to tasting the succulent delicacies. An enthusiastic reception of a meal triggers other biological functions like tickling salivary glands and readying the digestive system. This is important in Ayurveda.

3. Having frequent lunches: In ayurveda, Missing lunch is a dietary crime equal to none. Digestion and subsequent absorption are at their peak during this time and food eaten at this time is most beneficial to you. Avoid missing lunches for better health.

4. Light meals before going to bed: Night accords your body space to regain its energy and gives time to the digestive system to work on the food you had eaten during the day. Heavy eating at night overloads your digestive system and makes it difficult for food eaten to be absorbed and assimilated.

5. Rest after eating. In the world clogged with countless activities, it might seem a bad idea tgo take a breather after eating. In Ayurveda, resting after a meal is synonymous with sound health. That rest encourages a body to efficiently digest the food taken before the setting in of metabolism.

6. Keeping yourself well hydrated:

Drinking water is prerequisite for a healthy body. It assists in digestion and absorbing of food nutrients. It also a key tool in excretion where the harmful elements are removed. Above all, water offers vital help in the melting down of fat.

7. Drink lukewarm water laced with aromatic herbs. Luke warm water assists in the smooth passage of food through the digestive tract and provokes the digestive enzymes into action. The aroma from the herbs is an olfactory stimulant that tickles the taste buds and gets a palate ready to enjoy a meal.

8. Meals unaccompanied by ice-drinks: 홈타이

This is a cardinal rule in this therapy. Very low temperatures inhibits digestive enzymes rendering digestion process slower. Instead, take warm water or milk.

9. Leaving the day’s work at office:

It’s always the case that people carry office work at home and in so doing, they violate the tranquil and serene home climate by turning their homes into an office. Don’t carry any assignments that will strain on you at your home

10. Deep meditation before sleeping. Ayurveda key aim is to create a harmonious and balanced existence between the mind, the soul and the body. Meditating before sleep brings closer these three components and improves on the holistic development of a person.

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