Using Articles To Get Back-Links To Your Site

Getting back-links to your site is no easy task, and we are about to go over using articles as means of getting high quality back-links to your site which are seen very well by Google’s search engine algorithm.

When using this method of getting back-links to your site, always remember that the article is what you “give” so you want to provide good, reliable information, and the resources box is what you “take”. You can get your articles rejected by putting links to a site inside the body of the article, so make sure you don’t make this common mistake.

If you are going to be taking full advantage of the author’s resources box, you need to make sure you include at least 2 links, some article directories allow up to 3 links. One of these links should be a link back to your site. Other sites are allowed to use your articles and place them on their site and if they do, you want that whole string to appear as a live link, and you’ll get credit for it.

People reading your articles are trying to learn about that specific topic and you need to make it clear that you are an expert in whatever it is your are writing about. Make sure you use action words which will make readers want to click on the links. Recent studies show that you need to tell them to “Click Here” or “Follow This Link” for people to actually click on them. Just adding the link there isn’t cutting it anymore, make sure you tell people what to do and they’ll most likely do it unconsciously. 구글광고대행

So you could say: For more information about My Special Keyword, go to “Your Site’s URL Here”. In this sentence, we can link “My Special Keyword” to an internal page on your site, and you are going to be able to rank higher for that keyword too. The last link, as we mentioned before, is a way of getting a live back-link to your website. Both of these links will not only help you rank higher for the long tail keyword, but also generate traffic to your site.

It’s a really good idea to link this second link to an internal page on your site, instead of your home page, to increase the internal page rank of your site.

The other link you should include is a keyword or long tail keyword that you want to rank high for, you want to put it in the search string. This is done easily using the following snippet of code.


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